Ansel Adams (American, 1902-1984)
Board of Directors, Bishop National Bank, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, 1957
Collection Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
© 2013 The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust 

We asked community members to tell us a little bit about why this particular image captivated them. Here are some of their responses…

“Amidst the paradise there’s still work that needs to be done.” – Pauloele

“It represents everything Hawai`i is NOT, or should not strive to be.” – Sheilden 

“It shows the riches and power of Hawai`i control from elderly white males; a legacy in rapid transition hopefully!!…Contrasted to the left is an asian UH photo” – James M

“They demonstrate how much the outsiders were in charge – while clearly the natives are intelligent enough to lead. No wonder we have mongoose…” – Wanda

“All the white bankers…there were no ethnic representatives. Made me feel the injustice of the white imperialist attitudes of yore and present.” – anonymous

“The gaze between the two men closest to the front is troubling. It seems sneaky, deceitful. Money the root of all evil.” – Horace 

How does this image captivate you? Did the artistic composition catch your eye? Do you have a personal connection to the subject?  

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