Keanan 11th grade

Name: Keanan Oviedo

Grade: 11th Grade

School: Le Jardin Academy

Title: Mankind & His Flower

Medium: Pastel

Reflection: I pondered by the offset flower in comparison to lily pad counterparts. “Why? Why would such a beautiful accessory like a flower bloom in midst of this muddy water?” I questioned the very nature of this setting during our excursion to the art museum. This inspired me to recreate this scene on canvas so I could forever have this image with me. There were struggles in creating the exact pose of the way these lily pads danced across the water and how the flower poked its head out from the water distracted others with its dazzling face, though in due time and much research I was able to perfect this matter. While this painting did not necessarily turn out how I hoped I still believe that my perspective on place was communicated. I wanted the viewer to see the same beauty I saw on that fateful day and that they too can see that no matter where they stand beauty can still be perceived, even in a muddy pond.